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The human vagina is incredibly resilient, and muscle tone allows women to give birth, but also to tighten down enough to grasp a finger. A word of caution, the skin of the vaginal lips, as well as the interior skin is very sensitive, and prone to small tears, unless caution (and patience) is used, infection can occur with these tears. Things will go smoothly if both partners are patient, and some simple precautions are observed. First, it is important for the fister to thoroughly wash his or her hands. It is also helpful if the fistee is shaved, or at least trimmed of pubic hair. The fister must also make sure that the fingernails are trimmed, and have no ragged edges.
Another important factor is lubrication. I recommend a water soluble lubricant like KY jelly, or the generic equivalent. Astroglide may work for you, but for my taste it is not as kind to the skin while it is being stretched. How much lube do you use? Well, when you think you have enough, use more. I have at times, used half a tube. It can get messy, so use plenty of towels. Messy sex can be the best kind anyway, so use the lube liberally. The application of the lube can be integrated into the foreplay. I sometimes find that giving my girlfriend one or more orgasms before fisting really helps things along. Of course, before you can get your hand in there, you've got to get your fingers in there first. After the third finger, you begin to get to that "stretch zone".
Ladies, at this point, the stretching can feel like a slight burning, or stinging sensation, but plenty of lube eases that. During the insertion of finger number four, you have to pay close attention to your partners reactions, she will let you know when something is uncomfortable. If that happens, don't get discouraged, your first time may take a while, and patience is the key. Remember, this is an extremely intimate act and can be amazing when done between two people who care about each other, and rushing things can result in more than physical injury, it can damage the relationship. Once you have reached the stage where you have four well lubricated fingers inside, you may want to take a break and let her adjust to that new feeling of fullness. During the entire process, words of encouragement can do wonders to help her relax. After all, if she is not enjoying herself, what's the point?
Once she is comfortable with four fingers, you may press on till your palm is inside. Another pause to let her adjust, and keep up the words of encouragement! Remember, even if your partner has had children, she is not used to something that big going IN. Once she has adjusted to your palm, begin to move your hand, SLOWLY AND GENTLY to help stretch the skin for what comes next. I have found that the vagina tends to have more room to give at the bottom, near the perineum.
Now comes the real challenge! Tuck your thumb into the palm of your hand, and begin to SLOWLY, but firmly push. As you progress, begin to fold your fingers into the shape of a fist. When you reach the widest part of your hand, near your knuckles, you will find that things are getting somewhat tight. This is the point where she may REALLY tense up, and the risk of tearing the skin increases dramatically. It may be the point where she decides not to go through with it after all, or it may be time for a rest break. Remember, even though you are the one working to get your hand inside, she is having to work just as hard to relax and adjust, so she will be just as tired, if not more so than you.
Again, PATIENCE! If you are ready to proceed at this point, keep in mind that she still needs those encouraging words, now more than ever. After you have passed the widest point, you may be tempted by enthusiasm to just slam it home. BAD IDEA! Just allow your hand to slide naturally into place. Her vagina will tend to lock down on your wrist and sometimes actually draw your hand the rest of the way in. Once you have reached the wrist, it is time for another pause. She will sometimes have a extreme reaction. Some women may actually have an orgasm at this point, others just may be paralyzed in a state of awe that you got that huge hand of yours in there to begin with. Again, PATIENCE! Be sure that you are still well lubed, hand and wrist. KY type lube will gunk up when exposed to air for long periods, so make sure that a fresh layer is applied every now and then.
Ladies, once your partners' hand is all the way inside you, you'll find that you have the urge to urinate, so it is usually a good idea to empty your bladder before you start, unless you are both really into watersports. And do not worry about telling your partner when enough is enough, give them directions, how to move their hand, how fast, how slow, how much, etc. Guys, no matter how much she likes your sense of humor, crude remarks or jokes are definitely NOT a good idea. Remember, the vagina is more muscle than anything else, and one good squeeze could injure your hand. A little movement can go a long way, there is no need for you to get carried away at first and just start ramming your arm in and out.
If you are patient and take the time to let her build up, (usually after several orgasms) she may lose control and tell you just to fuck the shit out of her with your hand. Guys, you HAVE to LISTEN to your woman, you may be getting a charge out of this, but this is ultimately for HER pleasure! Another big no-no is the sudden removal of your hand. It wasn't easy to get in there, and therefore should be removed with care, again, pay attention to her reactions, know when to slow down, or take a break. And talk to her, let her know you're there. In summary, if done with care, consideration, and yes, PATIENCE, fisting can be a wonderful sexual outlet for you both. Please remember that this activity may not be for everyone, this is one of those things that can really turn ugly, if the issue is forced.
Good Luck and Happy Fisting, Ya'll